Rick Grimes in Tank With Zombie

It may not surprise you to learn that I’m a big fan of apocalyptic fiction, and a fan of zombie fiction in particular. For me the thrill of an apocalypse is figuring out how you’re going to survive. If life gives you zombie lemons, you now need to figure out how you’re going to make that putrid zombie lemon-aide.

It may also not surprise you that I’m acquainted with The Walking Dead. I have a love-hate relationship with the show. Weekly zombie drama? check the love box. Characters that often act stupidly, bringing peril on themselves? check the hate box.

Let me give you an example or two of the stuff I hate. In TWD, we have a fictional universe with zombies that are attracted to any sort of noise. When the zombies are located in a dark abandoned building, they mostly sit around in the dark, waiting for someone to accidentally discover them.

What would you do before entering a dark unknown building in TWD?

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zombie being held down in cooking pot
The horde has been outside the house for weeks now. The fridge and cupboards are bare. Earlier today you actually mistook your growling stomach for a zombie. If they don’t eventually break in and eat you, you’ll waste away.

People die of thirst out at sea all the time. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

If you’re trapped inside by a horde and cut off from food supplies, consider this: There are hundreds of pounds of meat shambling around you. The idea is revolting, but is it true you can’t eat zombie meat? Keep reading, because  …read more

mad max holding fuel cannisters - how long does gas last in the apocalypse - ApocalypseStory.com

The folks in post-apocalyptic movies and shows, like The Walking Dead, seem to have a pretty easy time driving around. Cars that have been sitting idle for years seem to have no battery issues, and getting gas never seems too tough. Occasionally we see characters siphoning off gas from other cars, or switching over to using other long-abandoned cars, which is the writers’ way of explaining how the characters keep wheeling on.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Commonly used gasoline has a shelf-life of about …read more

mall map showing where you are, and where the zombies are

Here’s the scenario. The zombie apocalypse hits, and you aren’t prepared for it. You get in the car to flee the city, but after narrowly escaping a zombie attack, you decide that it’s worth visiting the mall to pick up some weapons. After all, visiting the mall during the zombie apocalypse usually turns out well, right?

You aren’t going to be able to pick up any exotic weapons, so put that katanna sword or a rail-gun out of your mind. Sticking to typical suburban mall stuff, what make-shift weapons should you pick up?

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Robot Apocalypse Humanity Within AI

Massive corporate investments continue to be made in Artificial Intelligence, and AI Agents are now all around us. These agents operate mostly behind the scenes, making suggestions and dispensing directions, but for the most part they’re easily overlooked. At least, they’re easily overlooked until they harm us.

Unfortunately, we already have so many examples of AI Agents harming us that we’ve now coined a term for it – Algorithmic Cruelty. Let me share a few, so you can see the pattern…

Eric Meyer wasn’t looking for grief, but a computer algorithm made sure it found him. The celebratory “year in review” notice sent to him by Facebook was framed with merry cartoon party people, and prominently featured the face of his beautiful young daughter. The same daughter who died earlier that year.

Matrix Battery Baby - ApocalypseStory.com
The humans in The Matrix believed the robots were using them as batteries, but that makes no sense from an energy perspective. A more likely explanation is the robots were serving and protecting humanity to the best of their understanding.

When a Florida teen murdered his roommate, …read more

Circuit Skull - Our Descendant

When it comes to dealing with apocalypse robots, Hollywood has the ultimate answer. The hero hits the big red switch on an EMP device and kaaaa-bang-whoosh – a pulse goes out and all of the nearby robots drop down to the ground. (See the animated gif below for theatrics. Be sure to make the required mouth noises.)

As you might suspect, stopping robots cold in real life won’t be quite that easy.

Before we talk about using EMP in robot warfare, lets quickly recap exactly what an ElectroMagnetic Pulse actually is. It sounds exotic, but it’s pretty simple in concept. Light, radio waves, x-rays, and microwave radiation are all different frequencies of the same thing – electromagnetic energy. Just like it sounds, an EMP is a burst of that electromagnetic energy.

robots get blasted by EMP in The Matrix
Why doesn’t the ship get fried too?

Fighting Apocalypse Robots with EMP

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Juan of the Dead - ApocalypseStory.com

Juan of the Dead is a hilarious Cuban movie that mixes zombies, political satire, and social issues, and still manages to leave you feeling light hearted. If you anarchist dissidents haven’t managed to see this gem yet, get yourself a copy now.

In one of the more tense moments, the crew are fully surrounded by a zombie horde. It seems there’s no way out of this one, but then a truck comes along and shoots out a harpoon. The magic of what happens next is best shown with this animated gif, rather than spoiling it’s sheer beauty with ugly words …read more

Day of the Dead Scientist

Universities have been riding the wave of zombie popularity for a number of years now, offering several Zombie Apocalypse themed courses. The great majority of these courses focus on the role of zombies in popular fiction. They’re not actually courses on zombies, but instead they’re courses about what zombies symbolize, or how zombie fiction has evolved. Because of that, they aren’t particularly useful to those of us that like to consider the science and logic surrounding the Zombie Apocalypse.

However, there are two standouts that are striving to bring real zombie logic to their students.

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a skeletal horseman of the apocalypse approaches

Boston Dynamics is a company that’s been in the news a number of times for their stunning military robots. These bots should send a chill through the spine of anybody thats seen a Terminator movie. Check out their Cheetah bot. It runs over 28 miles per hour, it doesn’t get tired, and it can outrun Usain Bolt.

boston dynamics - cheetah bot


One troubling thing that shows up in the Boston Dynamic’s videos again and again, is the abuse of the robots. I know robots don’t have feelings, but I can’t help but think that some Artificial Intelligence out there is looking at these right now, and it’s …read more

zombie and scientist
They call me “Professor”. It’s not an honor. Its clear by the way they say it.

I can’t deny there’s a little joy in my heart when we capture a zombie, as it gives me a chance to carry on my work. The others think I’m creepy, but with my learnings we’ve managed to push back the hordes. We’ve started a community. Children have been born. There’s a little bit of hope, shining through the grey despair.

And still they call me “Professor”.

zombie scientist
An esteemed scientist and his assistant, from Day of the Dead. Pay no mind to the stains on his coat.
Apocalutionary Theory tells us a lot of things about the Zombie Apocalypse, but it has its limitations. (see The Last Zombie Standing for background on Apocalutionary Theory.) Even when civilization has gone to hell, its important for you to be a scientist. That’s right, I’m telling you to perform experiments on zombies.

It should be said that a zombie cure, however unlikely, may be possible at a future date. Any destructive testing should be performed on mortally wounded zombies, or ones that are rotten to the the point that a cure would kill them. After all, you wouldn’t kill your zombie mother, would you? Ignore my advice and history may view you as a mad man, comparing your work to that of evil Nazi …read more

bicycle girl zombie and Andrew Lincoln pose for a picture

It happens all the time in zombie fiction. A group of friends encounters a zombie horde. Bullets fly. Axes swing. The fighting is intense, but the group manages to get away.

The group celebrates, and they find out that one of them has been bitten.

The infected friend will have to be put down, willingly or not. The audience understands why the group has to do this terrible thing. After all, there’s no cure for the zombie virus. It’s there in almost every single zombie movie and book. There is no cure for the virus.

The authors put it there for a reason. …read more

a skeletal horseman of the apocalypse approaches

Researchers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute recently put that question to the test with a little experiment.

Each participant was individually guided through a building by an unreliable “Emergency Guide Robot”. The participant witnessed the unreliable robot doing various things completely wrong, like arriving at the wrong designation, literally going in circles before getting to the right destination, or even completely stopping. (at which point participants were literally told “the robot had broken down.”)

Robbie the Robot in Flames
Think twice before you follow his flailing arms and his panicked robotic voice.

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Terminator robot stares with red glowing eyes
Something is very wrong. You’ve pushed the off button for the auto-pilot on your new car, but it’s not switching off. Push, push, push! Nothing. Suddenly you’re being whipped back and forth, as the car swerves its way down the winding street. Thankfully the road straightens out. Just then, your head and shoulders are slammed back, as the car quickly accelerates. That’s when you see the school crossing. Oh, God. You frantically bang the horn, but there’s no sound! Desperately you start screaming. As the children finally turn their heads and make eye contact, it’s all much too late.

For most of us, the phrase “Robot Apocalypse” conjures up particular images. We imagine a bunch of humanoid robots that have gone rogue. We envision relentless Cylons and Terminators, chasing after us with laser weapons in their metal hands. During a Robot Apocalypse, there’s no doubt that robot warriors will be patrolling the streets. But there’s also no doubt that the Robot Apocalypse will be a war waged from all directions. It will be  …read more

Warm Bodies zombie leans in close to his girlfriend

“I don’t know why I groan. I’m not in pain, and I’m not sad. I think it’s just air being squeezed in and out of my lungs. When my lungs decompose, it will probably stop. And now, while swaying and groaning, I notice a dead woman standing a few feet away from me, facing the distant mountains. She doesn’t sway or groan, her head just lolls from side to side. I like that about her, that she doesn’t sway or groan. I walk over and stand beside her. I wheeze some kind of greeting, and she responds with a lurch of her shoulder.”

— excerpt from I Am a Zombie Filled With Love, by Isaac Marion

Everybody loves to spot the oddly dressed zombie in a film. You know the one. He’s still dressed in a work uniform. Or maybe she’s still wearing her bathrobe, with curlers in her hair. Either way, this zombie is usually on the screen for a short time. It gives us a quick chuckle, and also reminds us that these zombies were once regular people.

Story writers sometimes take the odd zombie character a bit further. They give us a zombie that recalls bits of his past life. He might even have some warmer, gentler feelings, that allow them to override their hunger.

Is that realistic? Will the zombies of the apocalypse have any feelings except …read more

voodoo zomvie, virus victim zombie, and reanimated corpse zombie
The horde is outside your door. You can hear their moans. You can hear them clawing at your walls. Hundreds of shuffling feet make a low growing rumble. The unending noise has blended the days together. Soon you’ll need to leave the house to get more food, and you can’t help but wonder what type of zombie is on the other side of the door.

What type of zombie is likely to cause an apocalypse?

There are many different kinds of zombies found in fiction. This might lead you to think there’s no way of knowing what kind of zombie we’ll encounter at the Zombie Apocalypse. But that’s not quite true.

I’ve come up with an idea, which I’ve coined “Apocalutionary Theory”. To understand it, think of the zombie apocalypse as a “survival of the fittest” problem. Then consider which type of zombie will …read more

zombie girl stares

It’s 27 minutes before quitting time. Water cooler conversations float around you. Phones ring. Keyboards are furiously clacking away.

Your mind starts to wander. You should be working on that TPS report your boss told you to deliver tomorrow. The deadline is unrealistic, so it wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Half-jokingly, you start thinking how welcomed some apocalyptic event would be right about now. No more corporate ass-kissing. The end of mortgage payments. Bye bye credit card debt. Heck, no financial responsibilities at all! Just one clear mission. Survival! You know how to do that. With your careful planning and strategy, you’d handle the apocalypse way better than the next guy.

Welcome to apocalypsestory.com! I’m Ajax, the creator of this website. My mission? To help you bash zombies, disable robot overlords, and survive all apocalyptic threats. Oh, and also get you to laugh a bit! I’ll share the vital information necessary to help you… before you need help. I’ll also make your daily grind more interesting, by analyzing the different types of apocalypses. Yes, that’s plural “apocalypses“! Here’s where you’ll be introduced to science based solutions and their tactical applications.

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